Our Vision

We are dedicated to transforming the way people make payments. Through the blockchain technology and digital assets, we are building a digital asset payment infrastructure focusing on promoting greater financial inclusion and economic opportunities of cryptocurrencies.
With our innovative approach to payment processing, we strive to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Our efforts focus on providing convenience and security to our customers, ensuring smooth and safe payment experience.
Crypto Pioneers
Our vision is to be at the forefront of the future by pioneering cryptocurrency as a secure and seamless payment method
Digital Payment Revolution
We aim to spread the utility of cryptocurrency to everyone as we believe that the future of payment lies in digitalization, and we are proud to make this future a reality

Compliance & Security

We are dedicated to upholding the highest compliance standards
Legitimacy and Licensing
RedotPay credit card is a legitimate financial product operated by a licensed and regulated entity established in Hong Kong
Full eKYC execution
Partnered with industry leading eKYC provider Sumsub, RedotPay is executing full eKYC with automated ID and biometric verification to protect our users
AML Compliance
We run real-time blockchain transaction monitoring to comply with AML regulations

Our Partners

RedotPay works with Tier-1 companies in the industry for our business operation and business growth.
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